Mary Ann (Pywell) Campbell

John Norris Campbell, son of John Campbell & Charlotte Dawson, married Mary Ann Pywell on 24 December 1862 in Morpeth, New South Wales. Together they had eleven children: four daughters and seven sons.

Fanny M. Campbell  (1864-1954)

Sarah E. Campbell (1865-1921)

Anne Campbell (1867 – ?)

Robert John Campbell (1869-1942)

Alexander J. Campbell (1871-1898)

Eva Edith Campbell (1873-1952)

William Arthur Campbell (1875-1957)

Albert E. Campbell (1877-1967)

Thomas Pywell Campbell (1879-1972)

Charles Frederick Campbell (1881-1966)

Walter Angus Campbell (1884-1872)

John Norris Campbell died on 2nd February 1899 at the age of 59 years, but Mary Ann lived to the remarkable age of 97 years passing away on 8th April 1939 in Raymond Terrace, New South Wales. Mary Ann and 3 generations of descendants are shown in the photo (c.1928) below.

Mary Ann Pywell_4 generations 2

From Left to Right: Mary Ann (Pywell) Campbell, age 86 years; Basil Amos Lamb, age 6 months; Edith Maude (Gilson) Lamb, age 25 years; and Eva Edith (Campbell) Gilson, age 55 years. Photo kindly supplied by Elaine Lamb, wife of Basil Amos Lamb, East Maitland, New South Wales.

For more information on Mary Ann’s life go to Peter Sherlock’s interesting story at:



Lieutenant Colonel James Thomas Morisset

James Thomas Morisset arrived in Sydney on the ship Harmony in September 1827 with his wife and child and 80 convict women including Charlotte Dawson. The image was kindly supplied by Ron and Margaret Thomson of Albany Creek, Queensland. Ron is the great great great grandson of James Morisset.

Ron and Margaret provided a family story of James Thomas Morisset to the Newcastle University Coal River Working Party. A link to this story is below: